Finally! The 2018 calendar is here!

I have been working on this for a lot of time, but never ending it, postponing it, procrastinating, because I had a lot of other things to do. So, until this week it wasn´t a priority, but, we are almost in 2018! This week it was a priority.

So, in order to prioritize the calendar, I had to let go a post, it was physically impossible to do both. I decided to combine the post and the new calendar.

If you are not interested in getting a calendar you can skip this post. However, if you are thinking of start planning 2018, getting a calendar it´s step one to make a plan, it´s the easiest way to begin. So keep reading because I will offer you 3 calendar options, one of them it´s a freebie.

So, get a calendar, could be the freebie and let´s begin 2018 properly, with a plan.



If you follow me on Instagram, (thanks!), you already know I paint watercolors, mostly I experiment with water and colors. Sometimes it turns out not right and other times it turns out really good. So, I took the best designs I have painted during 2017 and have created a calendar with all of them.

A different watercolor design each month, it´s colorful, happy and most importantly it´s useful. There´s a lot of blank space for planning your days. You can print it and include it in your planner or put it on your board, or desk, or fridge… whatever you need.


It´s available in a4 size, a5 size, and US letter size. However, it´s printable, so you can always adjust it to fit your needs.



You might prefer a more simple calendar. You know, a simple life is a happy life, thumbs up.

I designed another calendar, simple but nice, well designed and helpful.

A lot of blank space to fill it with your tasks and important days. Also, on the side there a vertical calendar to make more planning, or you can just use it as a to-do list or whatever list you want, even a task or habit tracker, anything.


Last but definitely not least, the freebie!

The complete year on one page. Always great to have a view of the complete year.

A simple design that you can combine as you want, you can insert it at the beginning of your planner.



That´s all.

Hope you like them, if so, buy or share it, it would mean a lot to me and it will help me to keep creating new stuff for all of you.


Thanks for reading and Happy Xmas!



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