Every time I told my boyfriend a post title and it has the word “productive” in it, the answer is, “great, more homework”. When I told him the title of this post, he rolled his eyes and said, “homework even on holidays?!”. As you can see we are totally different.

Anyway, to have a productive holiday does not mean homework, it means planning. I cannot enjoy an entire evening on the terrace with my friends knowing that when I come back I will have to do some tasks, right?

Also, there´s the word “amazing” in the title, so do not worry, it´s not homework!

This post is about helping you to achieve peace of mind and then you will be able to make the most of your summer holidays, you have worked hard, you deserve it!


Who doesn´t like summer holidays?

I have to say that summer holidays it´s just a mindset for me. I mean, you don´t need to go far, to another country and empty your bank account to enjoy a bit of time off. It´s just this, time off, out of your normal routine to recharge your batteries.

It would be great to travel to the opposite corner of the planet, but you can also have amazing summer holidays in your city, it´s just mindset. Attitude is always key.


“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”
Winston Churchill



Of course, you deserve it!

You have worked hard all the year so you deserve it, in fact, it´s good for you. Going on vacation has a lot of benefits.

  1. Breaking out the routine. I fan of routines, you know it. They are great to reach your goals. However, sometimes, it´s good to break the routine and do different things, go to new places, meet new people, eat different good… So, routines are good but do not forget to live your life and explore
  2. New everything. New places, food, habits…. remember you can also have new experiences in your city, or wherever you live. Attitude my friend
  3. More time outside it´s good for your health. Longer days and nicer weather (depending on the country) usually make us spend more time outside. Spending time in contact with nature has the same effect on your brain as sleep or meditation, I don´t know where I read it but you can read more about the benefits here.
  4. More sleep. Going on vacation is a great way to catch up on sleep. Lack of sleep leads to poor brains performance, aging, and even illness
  5. More exercise. Yes, even if you don´t want to. I think that tourism is the most tiring exercise of the world, it is!
  6. Inspiration. All the benefits mentioned before often brings also a lot of inspiration. No routine, no worries, chill out, new experiences… sound like the perfect recipe for inspiration. Often, when I come back from a time off, even if it´s just a couple of days, I am full of new ideas or have a different point view, it´s like my brain is working different. Read more about the inspiration process in the post “How to get inspired”
  7. … I am sure there are more benefits and I am sure there are a lot of posts about the benefits of summer holidays.

Anyway, you don´t need any excuse to go on vacation, you want a time off, great! just do it!




As I said before, to fully enjoy my summer holidays, I need to know that everything is been taken care before the holiday, and I the only one? Not everything everything, just all that has to be with work.

So, if you feel the same way, if you need a peaceful mindset before your summer holidays, then you need a plan, the perfect plan.

First of all, we need lists, obviously. I usually make 3 lists.

  1. Things to do before the holiday. Often, this is the most crowded one. It includes the usuals tasks, tasks related to the holiday, and tasks that would belong to the holiday time but that I have had to rescheduled to them before the summer holidays
  2. Things to do during the holidays. This is not so common, but you might have to do something, if you are an entrepreneur you know it. A lot of tasks could be rescheduled, but sometimes it´s impossible. When I went to NYC I could reschedule everything except for posting the monthly freebies pages. So, I prepared the pages before, save them, put an alarm on my phone when they should be published and forget about it. When the time came I just went to the blog and published the pages, it was less than 5 seconds because it was already planned
  3. Things to do after your time off. Have you ever been on vacation thinking things you have to remember to do when you come back? I have been there, it´s not good. So, to fully enjoy your beloved summer holidays make a list of all these things, anything that could bother you during this time. Make the list, forget about it and enjoy your holidays

Thinking about this I have created the Summer Holiday Plan. A simple plan that includes a guide to creating your 3 lists and two undated calendars, hope it´s useful. Just hit the button and reach peace of mind.

Depending on the duration of your summer holidays it will take you more or less time to plan it. If you take just a few days off, maybe you don´t need all this, or yes, you might have a lot of tasks to reschedule. So, it depends on your time off and the tasks you need to take care off before the holiday.

If you are taking a long period, weeks or months, lucky you! You will have to start with the planning weeks or even a month before. Not only because of the planning but because of the tasks you will have to do before the holiday. So, the sooner you start the better. It is easier to include just a task into your daily routine than doing all the pending tasks two days before your time off, it is, believe me. I have learned this the hard way.

The key is to have a plan that allows you to take as many time off as you want. If you want to take a month of holidays, okay, you can do it. Just plan it ahead, plan your work around it and you could do it, why not?


“Plan your work and work your plan”
Napoleon Hill



You have the perfect plan and you have done your work, you have reached a peaceful mind.

Now, just some tips to fully enjoy your time off and reach the summer holidays mindset.

  1. Explore. Wander around the place you are without a plan, just walking and going where you feel and see where this leads you. Take the alleys
  2. Try new things. Have new experiences. You can do this even in your city, just change the scenery a bit
  3. Go outside. Just go outside, enjoy the long days and the good weather (or make the most of it), go to terraces, a park and enjoy an outside activity, an outside movie is also an activity
  4. Spend some time doing nothing. Just relax and don´t do anything on the beach, on the mountain, in the park… don´t do anything. Forget about the world and don´t do anything, not even social media
  5. Turn off the alarm clock. Wake up when your body wants to
  6. Spend the evening and night in a terrace. I love going to a terrace with my friends and stay there forever, really forever. It might be a Spanish thing
  7. Nap. Yes, take naps
  8. Take pictures but do not forget to live the experience
  9. Make a summer holidays playlist
  10. Read. Use this time off to read what you never have time to read

Do whatever you want but remember to put on sunscreen.

Now, you are ready for your summer holidays, enjoy it!

Any tip to reach the SUMMER HOLIDAYS mindset?

Let me know, please


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