Do you know a creative person and do not what to gift to her/him? A special creative person in your life who has been very good this year and deserves a good gift?

You might be this creative person and are thinking about treating yourself a bit, buy or do something just for yourself. In fact, that´s a wonderful idea, you want or need something, just get it, you know you deserve it.

Thinking about the creative people needs, desires and way of living I have thought the perfect gift ideas. So, keep reading because I am about to solve all your Xmas presents.



The best gifts are always things that require your time. You can give your time as a present, maybe enjoying a new experience together or you might want to invest your time knitting a super soft and comfy jersey of her/his lovely dog instead of just buying any jersey.

Creative people like to create or custom everything around them. So a custom gift would be something they would really like and appreciate.

Bake some cookies

Creative or not creative person, who does not likes homemade cookies?

Knit a jersey, a scarf or anything comfy



Create your own coupons

This one is so unique… Create a bundle of coupons with things you will do for the other person, things like a picnic in the park, a day in the museum, a foot massage, cook your favorite meal… Anything you want.

It´s the perfect gift, give the coupons and the person could use whenever she/he wants. It´s a great gift and it could be free. Plus you can be as creative as you want, it´s a win-win-win.



Inspiration is so important in the creative process…

A Book

A book is a great way of inspiration. I found this two great options

A course

Creative people like to explore new places, things to do, food, things to try, learn new things… So a course on something new would be great.

However, why would you give a course as a gift when you could buy all of them? Yes, all!

This is what Skillshare is, all the courses you could imagine. Skillshare is an online education platform.

You can find any course and discover new skills to try. You can learn how to cook a pizza, tell a story, photography, illustration, e-business… it is amazing. You can learn how to cook Indian food from a professional Indian chef in your house whenever fits you, how cool is that!

Skillshare is also a great way to discover new skills, techniques, tools…

Go could give a year of SkillShare Premium subscription.


Note: I love SkillShare and now I am a SkillShare ambassador, so this link is an affiliate link. However, I have to say that I liked and used it before being an ambassador. Want to know how and why I became a SkillShare ambassador? Go here.


The gift of the good creative attitude, that´s it!

Attitude is key always, also during any creative process.

Meditation is a great way to achieve the proper mindset.

There are studies which show how mindful practice could improve creativity. If you are interested to know more about it read this post.

So, you could also give a subscription year of Headspace, the best app to meditate.




In this section, you can spend as much money as you can think of. Of course, an Ipad Pro would be a great present for any creative. But I thought of more affordable gifts.

A notebook

An endless source of inspiration, you can do almost anything with a notebook. Always part of the creative process, since having the idea, to plan it, sketch it, doodle, make lists…

A notebook or a pack of notebook it´s a marvelous idea and it´s not very expensive.



A Planner

Of course.

So, you have an idea, now what?

Now it´s time to develop it and plan it. You can use any planner to help you to plan and achieve your goals. However, my recommendation is the Idea Booster planner. A planner carefully thought to help since the beginning, since the moment an idea crosses your mind and you cannot stop thinking about it, until the end, when the idea has become reality.




Where do you think, develop and create anything? In your office, or just an area of your house that you use as an office. So, it would be nice to have a nice office. Nice office = desire to work = motivation = ideas.



A mug



A blackboard



Personalized pencils



A motivational print



These are my gift ideas, perfect for the creative person in your life, for you or for me. I would love any of them.

Thanks for reading!




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