This is an unexpected post. I usually plan my posts ahead and keep a little notebook with me to note of each idea I have. So, when it´s time to write I already have my main points to talk about. Then, you never know what comes out of it.

Even though I have a planning, there is always room for improvisation. Sometimes, I just don´t feel to write about something or, I have a great idea and want to write about it now that it´s fresh and I´m excited about it. This post belongs to the second category.

Something happened to me that I thought it would be useful to share with all of you.


If you have read my previous post, May Review, you already know what I am going to tell you.

What happened is that for the first time in my life I felt I needed to do a braindump.

If you don´t know what´s a braindump, a braindump is as it sounds, you have your brain full of thoughts and you need to empty it. It´s like to empty the dustbin. So, you take all the information that is in your brain and put it in another place, extract the information and put it on a notebook, for example.


Why I needed a braindump? Let me explain you.

May was a bit of a crazy month for me. I had, as usual, a monthly plan with goals I wanted to achieve, a task tracker to keep working on my habits… all these things that give me peace. All I need to feel in command of my life is a plan.


“The man/woman who is prepared has his/her battle half fought”
Miguel de Cervantes


So, I had a plan for May, a plan that included a 5 day trip to Spain, that was fine, I planned my tasks around the trip. Then, I was having such a good time in Spain, with my family and friends, my dog, the weather, the terraces, the food… that I decided to stay ten days more.

Yes, all my planning went overboard.

Don´t misunderstand me, I don´t regret it. I was fully aware of what I was doing. I knew that I wasn´t going to achieve my monthly goals, but I decided to spend more time in Spain anyway. I think that sometimes you needed, it felt like the good thing to do so I did it, and I enjoyed it!

However, the lack of planning made me feel I was losing command of my life. I wasn´t paying attention to my thoughts so they keep piling in the pending things pile, and the pile keeps growing every day. It was a total mess.




My brain exploded.

I woke up a Saturday morning feeling I needed to do something about it. So, I had breakfast and right after that, I took a big cardboard and papers and began to write everything down and put it on the board.


I was on the floor still in my pajamas


I took notes of everything I think of, May planning, June planning, the blog, Black Fox Prints, Black Wolf Designs, personal development, crazy ideas, career ideas…

After this event, everything has a place on the board, everything was organized. I felt relaxed and in command of my life again.




This braindump was the first one in my life. I´m used to having a year, monthly, weekly, daily plan, every day I do several lists, including one with my thoughts and things to remember. So I guess, I never before felt the need of a braindump, I think I was doing little braindumps every day. My system was working so I didn´t need braindumps.


As I said before, after the braindump I felt happy, like recovering control of my life.

After the braindump, I have been using the board with all my thoughts, adding more and more thoughts. I think it is not a braindump board anymore I think it´s a second brain board.

Everything is now on the board and I like it this way.

  • I like that everything is in sight. It´s super easy to find anything
  • As everything is in sight you are constantly remembering it but with paying attention, it´s like in the background
  • Watching your ideas trigger new ideas
  • It´s also motivating. Knowing that I have a plan and that I am working towards my goals is really motivating


So, using the board, I have discovered some advantages, but the main advantage is that everything is together, organized in the same place in sight.

With a notebook, for example, your ideas and notes are on different pages or even different notebooks, the same happens with a planner. However, with the board, everything is there.

As a productivity and planner addict, and also an app lover, I use and try different apps to try to improve my productivity and organization, but I haven´t found yet an app that can offer all the advantages of the board.


  • I use and like Asana, but everything is divided into projects and tasks. If you need to organize task within a project it´s great, nice and easy, but there is no global vision
  • Onenote. A great app to take notes which I use almost every day. However, everything is organized in notebooks and sections, again no global vision
  • Mindly. A more visual app. You have a nice, minimal and colorful vision of all your thoughts, but if you want to know more you have to dig. However, it´s a great app to organize your thoughts in a nice and simple way

So, I think that the board brings a global vision of everything in your life you cannot achieve with any app (at least that I know of), or with any notebook or planner.

So now, I am a big fan of boards, I am testing how boards can improve my life.


My thoughts while I write the post:

I might do a post about boards, what do you think?




Obviously, there are some disadvantages.

  • It´s not portable
  • It´s not on all your devices
  • It´s finite, the amount of information you can put on your board is not limitless. However, I don´t know if this is a disadvantage. You could remove notes once you don´t need them. Also, it will make you have lees notes and declutter the board, unlike an app in which you store information forever


Considering the good and not so good things I think that adding a board with a global vision to your life it´s great. However, I don´t think it could substitute any app. So, I think it´s another productivity tool to add to your life. I have done it and I like it so far.


After my braindump, I have read about the topic to develop a freebie. I discovered that there are really no rules.

Just take whatever you have on hand, a board, a notebook or just a sheet and start taking notes. Leave your brain to wander to one topic to another and keep taking notes of everything. The process itself is a bit chaotic but useful.

So, from my experience, I have developed a freebie.


It´s very simple, just take notes of the ideas and the notes about it. Print the sheet as many time you need.

Hope it helps!



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