Repeat with me, “I believe in the power of the vision board”.

Yes, I do, and I believe in the power of a nice vision board.

If you have a vision board you know it, if not, what are you waiting for?



I think that a vision is a step to the life you want, but it´s not the first one.

The first one is realizing that you need a vision board, is to stop and think.

Stop swimming with the rest of the fishes. I know it´s easy to just flow with the rest of the fishes, a lot of people do it all their life without even noticing. Careful! maybe the fishes are going to a place you don´t want to go, maybe they are not even going anywhere, maybe they are just swimming in circles.

So, the first step is to stop swimming and think what you want in your life. So this first step is not doing anything and yet is the most important. It is realizing that you only life once, so you should do what you want.

Stop and think.


“The trouble is you think you have time”


Once stopped, think about your life:

  • what do you want in your life? what don´t?
  • what do you want to achieve?
  • how to you want to be?

Do not worry if you don´t have all the answers yet, totally normal, but keep looking, keep asking, do not settle.

You could start answering, how do you want to feel? and the board will do the rest.

For example, imagine you like to practice surf, you like going outdoors, the beach, keep active… you like how practicing surf makes you feel, and you would like to keep feeling like that in the future so you put a picture about surf in your vision board. Each day to look at your nice vision board with the surf picture, not being conscious, your mind remembers the feeling, then you want to practice surf so you take each opportunity you have to practice surf. You keep doing it, with no effort (mind effort), so you get better at it. You keep going, became surf instructor, open your own surf center close to your house on the beach. All these without even noticing, you transformed your passion into your way of living. All these with just a picture on your vision board.

This was just an imagined example, but there no need to imagine anything, there are real life examples. A Blackco subscriber read my previous vision board post, “How to make a vision board”, printed the vision board freebie and took it to a vision board party (I didn´t know this parties existed but sound great). She created her own vision board then, I am not going to tell you all the things that happened to her because you will read it in a future vision board post, but it´s incredible.



Why do you need a vision board? VISUALIZATION.

Visualization is a powerful mind exercise, the most powerful one. This exercise consists in imaging, seeing yourself succeeding in your mind. With a vision board, you are doing short visualization exercises each time you look at it.

Lots of successful people used visualization before. Jim Carrey, for example, wrote himself a check for $10 million for “acting services rendered”, and carried in his wallet all the time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also uses visualization, he said “I had this fixed idea of growing a body like Reg Park´s. The model was there in my mind, I only had to grow enough to fill it”. Then, when he became an actor he explains “It´s the same process I used in bodybuilding, what you do is create a vision of who you want to be, and then live that picture as if it were already true”. Other examples in “8 Successful People Who Use The Power Of Visualization”.


“In my mind, I´ve always been an A-list Hollywood superstar.
Y´all just didn´t know it yet.”
Will Smith



Having a nice vision board is great, it will help you to visualize your dreams.

However, you will still have to work to achieve them. You cannot say, I want to be a drummer and then go and spend the entire day on Netflix. It doesn´t work like that, even if you have a photo of a famous drummer on your vision board. If you want to be a drummer go and practice.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, had the vision of the perfect body in his head, did he go and spend the day on the couch watching TV? no! he trained, he worked to achieve his vision.

So, put a picture of your dreams on the board and then work for it, work with your vision not against it.



What to include on your vision board? Whatever you want, whatever inspires you to pursue the life you want. It could as simple as a note in your wallet.

To help you think about different areas of your life I designed a freebie.

Remember, there are no rules, include whatever inspires and motivate you



Again, there are no rules really, use anything that you like, you feel comfortable using. Use whatever you have on hand, a sheet of paper, the freebie, you could stick pictures to a board… Anything.

So, take your time, pour yourself a cup of coffee, tea, a glass of wine and think about your life. You could also do a vision board party!



If you already made a vision board, probably you have a board full of pictures, quotes, all the colors of the rainbow and all the fonts available in the font library, it´s probably overcrowded with information.

If you like it like that it´s fine, if you think it´s useful like that, it´s great. However, didn´t you study better with nice notes? aren´t you more productive using a nice planner? aren´t you more relaxed and focused in a nice and clean office?

If you have answered “yes!” to any of these questions, continue reading.

So, the goal of a vision board is to help you visualize your dream life, agree. However, it could be even better if you do it nice and clean.

Also, if you do it nice you could hang it in your living room, for example, it would be unique and it will help you to visualize more than if it´s behind a cupboard in the attic, right? (I´m exaggerating but you get the idea).

So, I think the overcrowded vision board it´s a great first step. The next step is to do a nice vision board. I have been thinking about creating different and nice vision boards and that´s what it came out.


Some time ago, two months, my boyfriend and I did a joint vision board, with his dreams, my dreams, and shared dreams. It was basically a sheet full of things. Then, I thought it would be great to put all this information in a beautiful way and hang it in our bedroom. This idea was what triggered this full post about nice vision board.

So, since then I have been working on a composition of lettering and simple drawings with all our ideas. A mix of the pictures below.


Use frames to create a nice composition. You could also use just one frame with a grid to put different photos and quotes.

Take beautiful photos, or download them, quotes and whatever you want, put them in a frame or several frames and hang them together in your living, bedroom, office…


It´s like the previous example but in this case, you could put your pieces hanging in a rope.



You could simplify it a little bit and just put your photos and quotes pinned to a wall.



Another idea I had is to make your own newspaper with future events that you want to happen. Then you could also frame it.




Go digital. You could create your nice vision board as a mood board. Collect pictures from the internet and create your composition. Then you could pit it as a laptop wallpaper or print it and put it anywhere.

This is the app I use to create mood boards, really intuitive, easy and free.

So, these were my ideas to create nice vision boards, but you could come up with some more. Be creative and make a nice vision board and start visualizing now.



  • Start with your hands. Start with just a sheet, a cardboard, the freebie…
  • Think a way to make it more beautiful and that works for you
  • Brand it: choose a color palette and 2 or 3 fonts
  • If there is a lot of information split into different compositions
  • Simplicity. Simple ideas presented nicely always wins



This is just a simple guide that hopefully make you think about different areas of your life, but you can use anything really.

Get your free Vision Board and start visualizing right away.


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