Last month, we read a life changer book, “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.

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I love habits. Your habits are the key to achieve anything you want. Include tasks that help you achieve your life goals in your daily routines and you will be unstoppable. I truly believe this. So, this book was on the never-ending list of pending books, and finally, we read it.

I am so glad we read it, I have learned a lot of things about habits. So now, that I am a master Jedi of habits (not yet, but I am working on that), I thought it would be a great idea to share this new habit knowledge with all of you. Hopefully, it will help you to conquer your habits. However, I encourage you to read the book.




“We are what we repeatedly do.
Success is not an action but a habit


Love your habits, your brain already loves them.

Yes, your brain like habits, it is so used to a tasks or series or tasks that it does it on autopilot, it is there but is not working. In fact, you are using a different part of the brain when executing a routine. No thinking, no stress, minimum effort. Less effort in some tasks means it´s more rested for other tasks.

Our brain likes so much habits that try to create them even if we don´t notice, that´s why almost every task we do during a day is a habit. We do it as a habit, we don´t think about how to do it or what´s the next step we just do it. So, that´s why it so important to understand how habits work, because almost everything we do is a habit.

For us, common people not as smart at our brain, creating habits have also a lot of benefits.

  • It´s a great way to get things done
  • No procrastination
  • Less stress and effort
  • Satisfaction, there´s a reward when you finish it, even if it´s just drawing a “tick” on your planner
  • Feel more relax, happy and in control of the situation

All this sounds really good, right?

So let’s start!



Everything starts with a decision. The decision to start something, change or quit something.


“You and only you are responsible
for your life choices and decisions”
Robert T. Kiyosaki


This is the most important step, to decide to take responsibility for your life and made the changes needed to be done.

Yes, only the people who really want to achieve something and decide to go for it is the people who actually succeed, change their reality and reach the life they always wanted.

If they can, also could we! If there is another human doing exactly what you want to do, why not you? The majority of the cases in only implies work, not a rich grandmother or amazing skills or superpowers, just work and a bit of faith, faith in yourself.

So, if you want to change, or quit or create any habit, just decide to do it and fully commit to it. It might require a bit of adjusting at the beginning and effort, but it will get better. With time you will you do it on autopilot.




The habit loop is the holy grail of habits. I feel I have discovered fire.

Obviously, this is from the book “The Power of Habit”, my current bible.

The habit loop is the group of phases in which a habit is compounded. The habit loop it the complete habit, since the beginning until the end. If you understand all the steps of a habit, you could change it.

The habit loop:

  1. The cue. What triggers this habit? it could be you have just woken up, it could be something you have just watched or listened, it could be a smell…
  2. The routine. The different tasks involved in the habit
  3. The reward. Your so earned prize after you have completed the routine. It could a feeling


To understand the loop you might need to do a bit of experimentation. Is not easy to know exactly why you are doing the routine, it might be that you are bored, or need something, or are thirsty or just want to socialize… So do a bit of experimentation to understand the routine, it would be great to keep a notebook with your notes.

Once you have understood the habit, you can change parts. For example, you can maintain the cue and the reward and change parts of the routine, or change the reward. Keep experimenting until you find what works for you.

Understand the habit loop, conquer your habits and become unstoppable.



Consistency is always consistency.


“It´s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives.
It is what we do consistently”
Tony Robbins


Consistency is key when creating or changing a habit, especially at the beginning.

Tracking your progress is a great idea to know how you are doing it. It is also motivational, you are working on it, you are progressing you are getting better, it is getting easier every day you do it. A notebook or a tracker where you reflect all this progress is important, it´s visual, is not only a feeling, it is something you can see and touch. Plus, when using a tracker, and marking each day your progress, the simple act of marking, drawing a tick, could be your reward, there´s nothing more satisfying as drawing ticks, you know it.



Thinking about all this, the loop, the importance of the decision and a tracker, I have designed a printable that help you during all the process.

It consists of 3 pages:

1. The Habit Contract. A contract you signed with yourself, to make the decision and commit to it

2. The Habit Loop analysis. A printable that helps you understand the habit loop

3. The Habit tracker. Track your monthly progress






As promised, there´s also a freebie. It will help you to motivate and track your progress, simple but useful.

  1. Write down your “why”. It will motivate you
  2. List out the tasks to be done
  3. Track your progress.


Hope all this helps to conquer your habits and hope you like the printable tools.

Thanks for reading and read “The Power of Habit”, I loved it.



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