Okay, let´s do this.

This post will be an experiment. Usually, before going to my laptop and start typing the post, I have already written (in my notebook) it before, I have a list of topics, I have planned some pictures, icons, quotes…. I usually have a plan, not today. No list, no plan, no nothing.

Even though I have nothing already done, I wanted to do the review, not only think about my month but writing about it. When I write about it I remember and get to appreciate and be aware of other things. So, I though that I will do it anyway. I will think of it as an experiment, just start typing and see what happens, maybe I like it.

The first point would be to tell you why I am doing this experiment. Well, I didn´t really want to but I don´t have a choice. June was crazy for me, probably you already know it, I have been all the month working on a new shop, Black Wolf Designs, and the launch of the shop was yesterday. So, these last days were crazy, I didn´t have time to do nothing else really.

There are still a lot of things to do, but I also thought that these reviews are important to me, stop for a moment and think. I think it´s important to keep going and progress. However, it´s even more important to be aware of this progress. Sometimes, life happens so fast we don´t realize of important things, or normal things, just life.


“Time is an illusion”


So, what I have done in June? Mostly work. Between super important task 1 and super important task 2, I found time to do, learn and discover others things.

Let´s start the June review.


Obviously, this has to be the first point. Black Wolf Designs is my new adventure, and it´s finally live. You can go now and shop my new designs on any item you can think of, notebooks, mugs, tote bags, towels… anything. Well anything but socks, I would love to see my designs on socks.

As you probably know I like to create things. I usually imagine things in my head and then try to find them, and as they don´t usually exist, I have to create them if I want it. I always liked to create my own things and also design my own things. So, it´s like a dream come true to see my designs on things, physical things like notebooks (you know I love notebooks).

So, I think of these new designs as my babies, I love them, I want to buy all of them. I wouldn´t sell anything that I am not proud of.

Finally, to open the shop was the event of the month.


If you like this go to Black Wolf and discover all the collection



On June I have to face a lot of new challenges, also in relation with the new shop.

For example, it was the first time I do a launch. I didn´t know this before, but apparently, there is a proper way to do it. You have to announce it everywhere, establish a launch day, put a countdown on the web… a lot of things that I am still learning, it was just my first launch. It was fine for the first one, but I have to keep learning and hopefully, the next one will be better.

Another thing was the giveaway. On June I did my first giveaway. I have just announced the winner so “I did” might not be the proper tense. It was really fun to organize it, mainly the part of going to Muji and buy notebooks and other goodies, things that I wanted to keep for me but I will not do it, promise, all of it will go to the lucky winner.


A couple of days ago I remember this important lesson, to let go. I´m not sure it´s the proper expression, let me explain to you.

Two days ago, I was working in the shop and the launch. I was super overload, there were a lot of pending tasks that I needed to do before June 28, launch day. So, I was uploading designs to the shop and it all stopped working, the shop and my blog. Then, my boyfriend came and told me that there has been a worldwide hacker attack.

My plan was to stay up until late everything was uploaded, but I couldn´t do it. I could do anything related to the shop or my blog. So, I went to sleep and it wasn´t the end of the world. The next day I did my pending tasks and I launched the shop.

“Worrying will never change the outcome”



This month I have improved my design skills. So usually, to design anything I use Inkscape, which is free and easy to use, it is all I need and much more. However, to sell my designs in Society6 I needed to create everything in super high quality and I couldn´t do this with Inkscape, or I don´t know how to. So, I had to do everything in Photoshop, I knew just a little. This setback has made me learned more about Photoshop, which was something I always wanted to learn. Now, I know how to create color gradients in photoshop.

I really enjoy to create gradients, I could be playing with color gradients all the day. Have you downloaded the July calendar? Do it to discover how I spent and evening playing with gradients.


Okay, no more shop. It´s time for productivity.

Some events on June have made me improve my productivity.

The first one, my phone. I upgraded my phone! Yes! I had the iphone4, it was 6 years old. It was slow, full of things and I couldn´t have a lot of new apps because the software was too old. So, I bought the iphoneSE, nothing too crazy and even though a major change. It has improved my productivity a lot, everything it´s fast. Before it was a nightmare to do some tasks, now it´s a pleasure.

Because of my new phone, I have discovered this new app, I have discovered a lot but this one has increased my productivity.



I am using it right now. It´s an app based on the time blocking method, similar to Pomodoro technique. You establish your working period and your break period. During your working period you work and in your break, you can do whatever you want, easy right? And even though it has boosted my productivity. During the working period I just work, no emails, no social media, no nothing, I do these things on my breaks. This technique has reduced the time spent on usual tasks a lot.

This simple app has boosted my productivity, during the working period I just work, no emails, no social media, no nothing, I do these things on my breaks. This technique has reduced my time spent on usual tasks a lot, I track the time I spent on my tasks so I have proof that it works for me. I like that it´s free, simple and well designed, try it, it might also work for you.


Here I review my June goals, what have I achieved?

I knew June was going to be crazy so I tried to keep it as simple as possible. So I just had two main goals.




I did!

Check it out here!




I did!

Mindset is the book I was reading and I have finished it, it´s great I highly recommend it. Besides, I am about to finish another one, I am reading #Girlboss, inspiring and funny, I´m enjoying it.


I am writing a list right now and thinking what I want to do this month.

#1 Update the blog, I am working on it, so keep working to fit the new shop in it

#2 Do a creative challenge, what do you think? would you do it with me? let me know, please.

#3 Do a year review. July is my month and also the blog´s month. Well almost, I started to work on it at the end of July and it wasn´t ready until mid-August, but I like to think that July is our month. Anyway, it is about time to do a blog year review, right?


June was crazy but it was great, I have learned and accomplished a lot of things I could even imagine a year ago (thinking about the year review).

Let´s see what happen next month. I will tell you about it, always do.

Note: I think the experiment went fine, writing the post without the usual plan, what do you think?

Thank you for reading.



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