I cannot enjoy an entire evening on the terrace with my friends knowing that when I come back I will have to do some tasks, right?

So, if you feel the same way, if you need a peaceful mindset before your summer holidays, then you need a plan, the perfect plan.

We need to make 3 lists.

  1. Things to do before the holiday. Often, this is the most crowded one. It includes the usuals tasks, tasks related to the holiday, and tasks that would belong to the holiday time but that I have had to rescheduled to them before the summer holidays
  2. Things to do during the holidays. This is not so common, but you might have to do something, if you are an entrepreneur you know it. A lot of tasks could be rescheduled, but sometimes it´s impossible. So, do as much as you can before, save it, put an alarm on your phone when it should be done. Then just wait to the alarm to do it
  3. Things to do after your time off. Have you ever been on vacation thinking things you have to remember to do when you come back? I have been there, it´s not good. So, to fully enjoy your beloved summer holidays make a list of all these things, anything that could bother you during this time. Make the list, forget about it and enjoy your holidays

Thinking about this I have created the Summer Holiday Plan. A simple plan that includes a guide to creating your 3 lists and two undated calendars, hope it´s useful. Just hit the button and reach peace of mind.


This document is for personal use only and may not be e-mailed, manipulated, copied, sold for profit, altered without the Blackco permission. Thanks.

How to have Amazing and Productive Summer Holidays

Read the post and know more about the plan.

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