Late night December 31st, well it was early January 1st, my family and I were talking about the new year.

My uncle said: “This year I will lose 15 kilograms”

Which it´s a great idea.

Then, I answered: “How? do you have a plan?”

My uncle responds: “No”

Can you imagine my answer?

Obviously, I said that if he really wants to accomplish his goal he should start with a plan, if not it is just a wish, a dream.


“Stop dreaming
Start doing”


I am sure you have also had these conversations. It´s the beginning of the year, it´s normal. It´s a new fresh start and we are thinking about resolutions, new goals and challenges for this year, great! Keep going!

However, a resolution without a plan it´s nothing, just a wish, a dream, “fugazi... So, I am about to present you a different point of view, a realistic and efficient one.

A wish is a good start point, everything begins with a dream. However, if you really want to accomplish your goals, life goals, 2018 goals, monthly goals, learn something, get in shape, eat healthily, wake up early, start a blog or your company… or anything really, you need a plan.

We need a plan!




The first step is to know where you want to go, what do you want to accomplish in your life?

If you don´t know yet what you want to accomplish, do not worry, you have already started to think about it and that is a very good starting point. Reflect on new experiences you want to try, places you want to go, skills you would like to learn…. Think about how you want to feel in the future and activities that might help you reach this feeling.

Just follow your curiosity.


“There is no better catalyst to success than curiosity”
Michael Dell


Your vision is your secret weapon, your “why”, the reason to set new goals and work hard day in day out to achieve them.

Your “why” is the most important part of your plan. It will motivate and inspire you when you most need to, it will make you work harder, it will be your purpose. It will be your fuel that helps you keep going.

That´s why it´s a good idea to make a vision board.


#2. 2017 REVIEW


The next step is to reflect on 2017.

According to your goals, what have you already done? what did you do last year to move toward your goals?

Not judging, just construct critic, just facts. We are trying to establish the starting point.

So, grab a paper and take notes.

Did any activity from last year help you achieve your goals? How? Should you keep doing it? Any change?

What have you learned last year?

Think about your mistakes and what could be improved.

Think about the best things that happened and what or who are you most grateful for.

Overall, think how you felt last year.


“Good times become good memories
Bad times become good lessons”




Okay, we on the right path.

Now, considering all the above, your life vision and the last year, time to answer, what do you want/need to accomplish this year?

Be realistic and specific, set SMART goals.

Then for each goal assign a list of tasks to be completed and a timeline. This is just a reference point, you can change and adjust it in the future. The key point is that you are moving.




We need a plan!

Ok ok, time to start to plan 2018.





Think about your goals, and about all areas of your life, career, business, holidays, savings, budgets, family, projects…

Take a blank paper, your planner, post-its, a 2018 calendar, the freebie… anything you want and start planning the year. Then, place everything on the calendar, remember to include each goal timeline we already did in the previous step.

Thinking about this I designed a simple blank calendar, it´s a great general view of the year, perfect as a first step.

However, you might be thinking that to plan all the year you need more. I need more.

The next step is to take this general view and specify and a little more.

So, in the general view of the year, you might have included a given goal in January, for example, just the goal. Now is the moment to take your planner, go to January and start thinking about how to reach your goals, think of new ideas and tasks, and schedule them. Split tasks into smaller tasks and fit them in your weekly and daily planning.

Thinking about achieving our goals I designed some planners, in fact, in my Etsy shop, there is a category just for Goals Planners.

Planners thought and carefully designed to help us reach our goals. Hope you like them!





Time to work.

Let me tell you something. If you want to achieve your dream life you will have to work, nothing great comes easily, you know it.

So, you are already on your way so, keep going. Keep moving until you reach your goals. Find your own pace, slow as a snail if you must, rest when you need to but do not give up.

The only way to reach your goals is to keep moving towards them, keep working, if you quit, you will not reach them never, never. This is not an option.

Keep going!


I wish you a great 2018!

Thanks for reading.



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